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What is Long Term Care Insurance?

The phrase "long-term care" refers to the help that people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or other conditions need daily over an extended period. The type of help needed can range from assistance with simple activities (such as bathing, dressing, and eating) to skilled care provided by nurses, therapists, or other professionals.

A number of public programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, may help pay for some long-term care services under certain circumstances. However, each program has specific rules about what services are covered, how long you can receive benefits, whether you qualify for benefits, and how much you have to pay in out-of-pocket costs. To accurately plan for your long-term care needs, it is very important to know what may or may not be covered and stay current on program changes.


Insurance Options?

To help cover potential long-term care expenses, some people choose to buy long-term care insurance. Policies offer many different coverage options. Since you can't predict your future long-term care needs, you may want to buy a policy with flexible options. Depending on the policy options, long-term care insurance can help you pay for the care you need, whether you are living at home, in an assisted living facility, or nursing home. The insurance might also pay expenses for adult day care, care coordination, and other services. Some policies will even help pay costs associated with modifying your home so you can keep living in it safely.


To discover all the available insurance options, call us for the details you need to make an informed decision today.

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